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First Place Winner at the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards


"Best Diet Cookbook in the World" 2023


"Glutenfree & Sugarfree Gourmet Cuisine - Desserts and Saltines" presents practical recipes from Mediterranean, Aegean and Asian Cuisines, 120 healthy, Natural, Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free Recipes, 72 Deserts and 48 Saltines with Gourmet Styling and Pictures, Chocolates and Chocolate Desserts, Cookies, Ice Creams, Granola, Home Made Milk and Spreads, Cakes, Macarons, Marzipans, Meringues, Puddings, Tarts, Aperatives, Breads, Grissinis, Pitas, Pizzas, Bagels, Tarts, Asian Flavors and many more flavors...


Instead of refined sugar, Aslihan Sabanci used naturally sweet ingredients such as raisins, honey, dates, bananas, apricots, mulberries and anti-oxidant rich and natural coconut sugar. When making breads, cookies and tarts the author used fiber and anti-oxidant rich chickpeas, lentils, beans, teff, coconut as gluten free alternatives.

When describing her book, Mrs. Sabanci says: “When I started writing my book on March 2019, Covid Pandemic had recently started. The pandemic has taught the whole world the importance of exercise, healthy eating, consuming anti-oxidants, staying away from refined sugars, reducing stress, and selecting a natural lifestyle. I eliminated refined sugars and gluten from all of my recipes and added the anti-oxidant rich ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and legumes. I prepared my “Gluten free & sugar free gourmet deserts and saltines” cookbook for everyone, from all ages, all nationalities, who wants to eat a healthy, balanced diet. I hope my book will be useful for all of my readers and wish all of my readers from all ages a healthy and happy life!”


Each recipe is beautifully styled and photographed by Aslihan Koruyan Sabanci. Gluten free & Sugar free Gourmet Deserts and Saltines is a

must have in all of the healthy kitchens.


Gluten Free Sugar Free Broccoli Tart
Sugarfreee Strawberry Ice Cream
Sugar free Vanilla Ice Cream
Sugar free Orange Pudding
Gluten Free Spnach Cookies with Cheese Filling
Sugar free & Gluten Free Chocolate Log Cake
Maki Caprese
Vegetable Rice Noodles
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